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Direct Sales & MLM Jobs


Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Job

You have reached this page because we feel that you may be the ideal candidate for our Sales Marketing Manager job in HK. If you are excited about the possibility of working on your own terms and managing your own time, then you’ve come to the right place.

In the following Mlm Jobs in Hong Kong section, we will ask you a few simple questions in order to review your application for direct sales jobs in Hong Kong with certainty. We value your time and ask that you please answer every question to the best of your ability.

We pride ourselves in acquiring the brightest and most capable minds throughout Hong Kong and beyond and we look forward to the possibly of working together. Your participation is truly appreciated.

Sales marketing Manager job HK

Want to be become part of The NEST Team to take advantage of TLC’s premium products in Hong Kong? Then join us as our representative, you will be an independent business owner and have the opportunity to set your own work hours and prosper at your own pace. In addition to this, you can sponsor preferred customers and new life-changers to join your venture. This will award you residual income and additional commissions in the industry’s most easy to understand and advantageous compensation plans.

With an aim to share core values and vision of Total Life Changer’s CEO and Founder, Jack Fallon, every day lots of people from different industries and backgrounds join us. The NEST Team was started in the basement of a house with a single product, but now, it is among the top 100 direct selling companies of the world.

The NEST Team strives to provide cutting edge products that benefit people’s lives to its members. Furthermore, it is offering the opportunity for you to be in control of your own destiny.

Introducing IASO® TEA

The #1 Detox Tea and Top-Five Direct Selling Product in the World

Iaso® Tea is a unique, all-natural blend of herbs. This daily cleansing tea is designed to flush harmful toxins from the upper and lower intestines.

The #1 detox tea and top-five direct selling product in the world. Our formula provides a unique blend of nine herbs: Holy Thistle, Persimmon Leaves, Papaya, Blessed Thistle, Malva Leaves, Marsh Mallow, Myrrh, Chamomile, and Ginger.

Iaso® Tea

The original Iaso® Tea is powered by a unique proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients. Imagine a white tea, a green tea and a great tasting herbal tea combined up into one great product. That’s the Iaso® Tea.

This tea blend is a unique blend of nine essential herbs designed to cleanse the upper and lower intestines thus ridding the body of harmful toxins.

Unique In The Market

Iaso® Tea is not available in stores nor is it advertised on TV or radio. It can only be purchased through Total Life Changes®.

  • Relieves Constipation
  • Improves Digestion
  • Helps Better Sleep

Why Iaso® Tea is popular

Our blend is designed to produce herbal slimming effects within a few days of enjoying the beverage. Sustained use may improve physical energy and mental clarity as body toxins are flushed from the intestines.

Powerful Detox Properties

Iaso® Tea is a unique, all-natural blend of herbs. This daily cleansing tea is designed to flush harmful toxins from the upper and lower intestines.

Important Ingredients


Myrrh, in the scientific nomenclature, is referred to as Commiphora Myrrha and is native to Egypt. Its health benefits are often attributed to its properties as an antimicrobial, astringent, expectorant, and stimulant.


Papaya leaf tea has historically been used in tropical regions to treat many ailments. Tea made from this plant may be of benefit in the healing of gastric ulcers and is believed to reduce hydrogen peroxide (a marker for oxidative damage).

Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle is prepared as a tea and is commonly used to combat loss-of-appetite and indigestion. It has been used as a diuretic to increase urine output and is also believe to be useful in the treatment of colds, coughs, fevers, and bacterial infections.

Disclaimer: This supplement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.


Success Stories

“The Best of the Best!”

“The Nest Team and Iaso Tea are the perfect partnership that have helped me succeed financially, and feel great doing it!

Akira H.

“A Game-Changer!”

“The NEST Team’s binary payment plan has helped me achieve my dreams. I’m so excited to be introduced to this at such an early stage.”

Mariah Q.

“Another successful experience”

After trying Iaso Tea for a few weeks, signing up with the NEST Team was a simple choice to make.

Wang M.


My family and I have benefited immensely from this amazing product and the binary pay structure. Go NEST TEAM!”

Banu B.

Before & After Photos

Ying is from Hong Kong and started the products from January 2019 to March 2019 and lost 40 pounds.

Zhang is from Hong Kong and started the products from January 2019 to March 2019 and lost 60 pounds.


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