Get Paid EVERY WEEK For Life

TLC Compensation Pays you 5 ways

  • Retail
  • First Order Bonuses
  • Binary Pay 
  • Matching Bonus
  • Lifestyle and Travel 

The First Order Bonus = FOB

TLC offers a FOB, which are commissions that you earn on any customers first order.

FOB’s are 50% commissions and paid weekly.

BiNary Pay = Weekly

10 – 25% commissions on your Pay Leg Weekly

*The maximum you can earn per week is capped at $20,000.

Matching Bonus

As you build a team of Life Changers and help them succeed you are rewarded well.

Matching Bonuses are equal to 50% on your personally enrolled Team Member Life Changers and up to 50% on level 2 in your enrollment tree.

The Lifestyle Bonus

The lifestyle bonus pays you cash and points towards Exotic Vacation Travel and other Luxury Items.


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